International Development

  • Development of resources: Drilling for oil in Venezuela” UN Photo/V Bibic

    Venezuela & The Maduro Government: A Familiar Story

    In present day Venezuela, symptoms of Dutch Disease are still present, as they were in the past century, if not even more pronounced. The enormous wealth garnered by the oil industry choked other industries, as imports soared and local producers struggled to compete. The failure of other industries to keep up with the oil boom led to massive importation.

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  • Zika on Board: Disease, Sex, & Olympics in Brazil

    Zika on Board: Disease, Sex, & Olympics in Brazil

    Brazil is facing an upward battle, all while maintaining a brave face as it forges ahead with the 2016 Olympics games in August. The country is taking action to combat the outbreak, but with the added pressure of the games, there will be a much more critical spotlight directed at the country than originally anticipated.

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  • Lessons Learned & Actions Taken: What is the WHO up to with Zika?

    Lessons Learned & Actions Taken: What is the WHO up to with Zika?

    To shed light on the steps that the WHO is taking is taking in response to the current Zika virus outbreak we must first understand the mistakes we made in the recent past and the enemy that we are facing.

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  • Post-Revolution Tunisia and the Struggle for Individual Liberties

    Post-Revolution Tunisia and the Struggle for Individual Liberties

    Since the 2011 revolution, Tunisia has succeeded in ensuring fair elections, and taken considerable steps forward in guaranteeing increased freedom of association and expression. But while democratic progress is undeniable, little to nothing has changed in terms of personal liberties. From sexuality to religion, Tunisians are faced with state repression and coercion largely stemming from a draconian penal code. Five years after the revolution, the question remains: will Tunisians finally gain the freedom to live according to their convictions?

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  • Iran Talks. Abschluss Iran Verhandlungen. UNO. Wien, 14.07.2015, Foto: Dragan Tatic By Bundesministerium für Europa, Integration und Äusseres - Iran Talks, CC BY 2.0,

    Iran: The New Powerhouse of the Middle East?

    The future of Iran has much potential and that is seen in the government’s 20-year vision plan. What was once an underdog within the international scene has now emerged to regain its reputation and status as potentially one of the influential forces across the globe.

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  • Entrance of OPEC Headquarters in Vienna.

Credit: Vincent Eisfeld (Wikimedia Commons)

    Norwegian Diversification: If You Want a Bigger Basket, You Need More Eggs

    The three main risks faced by SOEs in the oil industry are foreign ownership, corruption, and lack of diversification. In many of these cases, governments are only speaking to foreign ownership; so much so that they are completely ignoring the other risks of corruption and lack of diversification of the domestic economy.

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