• Stock Exchange By Katrina.Tuliao, via Wikimedia Commons

    Africa, China, & Emerging Markets: It’ll be a Risky 2016

    The impact of rising interest rates after an unprecedented period of cheap money allowed easy borrowing for emerging markets, declining stocks and currencies, rock-bottom commodity prices, and the lack of demand in China are the factors driving under-performance this year.

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  • Agbogbloshie, Ghana By Lantus (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

    Refuse, Regret, Responding

    As electronics like have become more of a staple in everyday life not only in economic North, but worldwide, the amount of e-waste has reached levels that have caused casual observers to take notice.

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  • By 东方 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

    The Politics Behind China’s Anti-Corruption Drive

    Whenever corruption has seeped into a dynasty, be it the Han (220 AD) – as vividly detailed in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms – or the Qing (1911) with its scheming mandarins, the ruling regime lost the mandate of heaven and fell. This not merely a colourful aside: historical memory deeply informs the thinking of the Chinese Communist Party.

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  • AFGE leaders, staffers and activists participate in #StopFastTrack rallies in the D.C. metro area during the month of April.

Credit: AFGE (Flickr)

    Agrinomics: TPP & the Japanese Agricultural Lobby

    Any measured achievement by trade negotiators, particularly on the part of the US side, will be determined by whether or not they can negotiate the removal of barriers to market penetration in areas of comparative advantage and agriculture has been firmly in the crosshairs.

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