• Narcoculture: The Evolution of Narcocorridos

    Narcoculture: The Evolution of Narcocorridos

    The unimaginable violence Calderon’s War On Drug Cartels brought about has had significant repercussions on the cultural expressions of narcocultura. The new current of narcocorridos is characterized by hyper-violence as the lyrics speak of individuals who pride themselves in murdering on a whim, torturing to make ostentation of their power, using cocaine, and terrorizing the general population.

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  • Un vent de changement en Amérique du Sud?

    Un vent de changement en Amérique du Sud?

    Depuis le début des années 2000, l’Argentine et le Venezuela se sont beaucoup rapprochés, ce qui leur a d’ailleurs valu la dénomination d’ « Argenzuela ». La proximité des deux pays s’est développée en grande partie autour de la pétro-diplomatie vénézuélienne. Cette « amitié » s’est principalement exprimée par une série d’appuis économiques et politiques entre les deux pays, mais aussi par un certain mimétisme dans leurs discours populistes.

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  • Development of resources: Drilling for oil in Venezuela” UN Photo/V Bibic

    Venezuela & The Maduro Government: A Familiar Story

    In present day Venezuela, symptoms of Dutch Disease are still present, as they were in the past century, if not even more pronounced. The enormous wealth garnered by the oil industry choked other industries, as imports soared and local producers struggled to compete. The failure of other industries to keep up with the oil boom led to massive importation.

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  • Rio 2016 Logo

    Behind the Glamour Curtain of Rio’s Olympic Games

    The world is five months shy of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The dazzling Olympic Park in Barra da Tijuca is almost complete, soon to be engulfed by luxury condos, swimming pools, artificial lakes, and beautiful gardens. Adjacent to the flashy Olympic scene, nestled on the edge of Rio, are some of the few remaining homes of the Vila Autódromo favela (slum) that await destruction.

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  • Boom & Bust: A Tale of Socialist Divergence

    Boom & Bust: A Tale of Socialist Divergence

    In the past 25 years, Cuba and Venezuela have received a lot of attention for their crony relationship, but what were once the bastions of Latin American socialism have seen their paths diverge drastically in recent years, and the results have largely been unsurprising. Cuba’s anemic economy is set to grow with the new foreign investment expected as a result of a more liberal trade policies with the United States and Europe.

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  • Entrance of OPEC Headquarters in Vienna.

Credit: Vincent Eisfeld (Wikimedia Commons)

    Norwegian Diversification: If You Want a Bigger Basket, You Need More Eggs

    The three main risks faced by SOEs in the oil industry are foreign ownership, corruption, and lack of diversification. In many of these cases, governments are only speaking to foreign ownership; so much so that they are completely ignoring the other risks of corruption and lack of diversification of the domestic economy.

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  • Obama Energy Plan Set for Failure?

    Obama Energy Plan Set for Failure?

    President Obama’s energy policy has recently come under fire by Mitt Romney and other Republican Party members – especially in the House of Representatives. In recent litigation over the federal […]

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  • US Adopts Drone Technology to Patrol American Skies

    US Adopts Drone Technology to Patrol American Skies

    Drones have been known for assisting in military missions overseas, and with the Obama administration’s penchant for supporting drone technology, these unmanned aerial vehicles will now occupy the U.S. skies […]

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  • Do Know Harm

    Do Know Harm

    Bipartisanship in the United States right now is a disgrace. With only a few respective  members each from the Democratic Party and the Republican Party willing to reach across the […]

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  • On American Protectionism and Canadian Diversification

    On American Protectionism and Canadian Diversification

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper has always prided himself on having the economy as a priority, and has overseen Canada through some tough economic times. While he inevitably deserves credit, keeping […]

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