Freedom Observatory Style Guide



Font: Tahoma, 10pt

Align: Justified

First image in article left-aligned & matching featured image

Length: 750-1000 words

Canadian spelling (unless Proper noun, foreign words [see below] etc.)


Title format:

  • Capitalize all words EXCEPT conjunctions (and, or, but, nor, yet, so, for)
  • Ampersands and quotation marks are acceptable

Abbreviations, initialisms and acronyms: without periods [e.g. UN, IMF, UNESCO, lbs, MA, BA, PhD], spelled out initially and abbreviated thereafter. Exceptions [Dr., Mrs./Ms./Mr.]


Numbers: no ordinals! (Centuries excepted)

  • Date format: Month Day, Year [e.g. October 1, 2015]
  • Times 24:00, time zone in parentheses (assumed Eastern Time Zone [UTC-05:00] unless otherwise stated)
  • Foreign words italicized at first mention, roman after
  • Numbers: spelled out (with hyphen if necessary) unless over two words [e.g. five, fifteen, twenty-five, BUT 146 not one hundred and forty-six]
  • Percentages: Use the % symbol immediately following a figure, for ranges only use the symbol once [eg. 50-55%]
  • Measurements and Currency: spell out round numbers from 0-9 independently and preceding value amount, numeric thereafter [e.g. seven million, 25 million, 140 million]; specific amounts in numeric form [e.g. $750,150]
    • Metric or imperial at author’s discretion as long as indicated.
    • Currency: original (reference) currency stated first (symbols or codes accepted), CAD in parentheses [e.g. 15,000¥ (1645.69CAD)] – if converting please try to perform the conversion as close to the date of submission as possible
  • Serial comma used [e.g. …China, Russia, and Malaysia.]
  • Alternative past tense spellings acceptable (leaped vs. leapt) as long as consistent
  • Permissions: all photo/video/audio materials used from Creative Commons (labelled for reuse)
  • References: all reference material hyperlinked in text (5 per 750 words MINIMUM, unless concrete and/or pertinent); if the source is only available in hard copy, please follow Chicago Style (most recent edition) in-text citations, and include bibliography
  • Credit: name and location (link to custom URL) – make sure it opens in new tab (image, stylus, advanced options)
  • Parenthetical order: ([{…}])


  • Comma splice accepted in dialogue [e.g. “It was tricky to see the enemy in the dark, the president never learned about what we did that night.”] Editors inclusions enclosed in square brackets []
  • Length of video: 10 mins
  • Length of audio: 10/15 mins
  • Length of written: 1500 words
  • Article accompaniment for interviews should be maximum 500 words in length

In effect January 1, 2016